Evernote Mac 1.1

Uffe mentioned that TUAW (Evernote Mac 1.1 – The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)) is highlighting that version 1.1 of Evernote was released recently. I have used Evernote for a couple of weeks now and so far I think it has great potential, but still needs a lot of polishing. If you are interested in testing this innovative note taking concept, leave a comment and I will send you an invite (have 14 left right now)....

May 14, 2008 · 1 min · Emil Erlandsson

Open Source Economics

Yesterday I had my lunchin front of the computer at the office and since I’m easily bored by just sitting and eating by myself, I fired up Safari and browsed to TED.com for a little meal entertainment. While enjoying my Marinara Meatball sub I watched Yochai Benkler’s seminar Open-source economics, which was really interesting. He draws similar conclusions as Tor Nørretranders in his book The Generous Man – that we are moving towards a sharing community and how the mechanics of open source project organization (i....

May 14, 2008 · 1 min · Emil Erlandsson

I took the Straight Razor Plunge

During almost a year I have shaved using a safety razor and it has given me a closer shave than all electric shavers or plastic Mach-X-style Gilette razors I have tried so far. It took some time to get the right technique, thus avoiding razor burn and pimples, but it was worth the wait. When you get a perfect shave it feels really smooth, and lasts longer than a shave performed with a traditional electric shaver....

May 13, 2008 · 3 min · Emil Erlandsson

Richard M. Stallman - Gothenburg 2007

Yesterday I attended Richard Stallman’s session titled “Free Software and Beyond: Human Rights in the Use of Software and Other Published Works” in Gothenborg. I expected it to be two hours of Microsoft bashing (and it was too), but it turned out to be quite interesting. Even though I don’t agree with Stallman and FSF on all points and their arguments are not always “water proof”, I think it is necessary to have organizations like FSF/GNU to act as a counter weight to organizations like Microsoft and others....

May 17, 2007 · 1 min · Emil Erlandsson

GPS Frenzy

I’m going for a hike in Abisko late this summer. As a gadget freak I just had to purchase a new gadget for this adventure – a Garmin eTrex Legend Cx. I have owned other GPS units before, but this one is so small, waterproof and straight forward to use (yeah I know it’s a sales pitch, but what the heck). What enticed me the most was not the possibility to see my position on a map at all times, but rather to have a very accurate trace of our hike afterwards....

April 30, 2007 · 2 min · Emil Erlandsson

Ubuntu on Amilo Si 1520

If you are looking for a HOW TO on installation of Ubuntu, please scroll down a bit. I recently bought a new laptop from Fujitsu-Siemens – the Amilo SI 1520. My requirements for this laptop was that it should be fairly cheap (max 1000 euros), run Linux with ease and feature a 12 inch wide screen. After browsing through some local (Swedish) internet stores I soon concluded that I had to go with the high end consumer segment instead of the business segment, otherwise my budget requirement would have gone through the roof....

February 20, 2007 · 4 min · Emil Erlandsson

I'm on InterfaceLIFT!

After an indoor macro shoot-out this weekend I decided to submit one of my more successful (at least to my liking) photos of a yellow rubber duck against a deep blue background to InterfaceLIFT (a popular place for things that prettifies ones desktop). In just 20 minutes I got the response that they liked my “Ducky” and even wanted more (my NES controller in purple). I will now scan through my archive of photos for more desktop material and hope to have more photos featured at InterfaceLIFT....

January 22, 2007 · 1 min · Emil Erlandsson

Lightbox Revisited

I bought some new materials for my own home studio created by plastic tubes and some papers. Some of the shots actually turned out quite nicely like these peppers on a crisp yellow background. Go to my Flickr site for some more examples. I will probably write a post later on about how I built the studio and how it looks.

January 20, 2007 · 1 min · Emil Erlandsson

Code Prettifier

I have now completed a web based syntax highlighter that can prettify any code that is already available on the net (like via WebCVS/SVN, or just plain uploaded files). It has support for Java, Python, C++ and Ruby among others. To use it, simply enter a URL to some code you want to be highlighted and decide if you want line numbers or not. You can also chose to only retrieve a link that you can use on your own homepage/blog/forum/whatever....

December 31, 2006 · 1 min · Emil Erlandsson

Cross Platform Tooling the Best of Two Worlds

I have recently been working on a project where the target operating system is Windows XP. Since I do not have a Windows XP installation, I started writing code on Linux and since it worked fine in the beginning, I continued doing so throughout the development phase of the project. At a later stage when it was time to start testing and integrating on Windows I discovered one or two platform specific errors in the code, that I easily fixed....

December 31, 2006 · 2 min · Emil Erlandsson