Pretty code

Something I have wanted for a long time is an efficient way of highlighting syntax for an arbitrary file. Like uploading a file to some server and then execute a query like this: And it would generate a clean HTML-output with the code highlighted and pretty. Since I have not found any site that allows me to do that (even if this one is close) I’m going to write my own service based on SilverCity....

December 30, 2006 · 1 min · Emil Erlandsson

Image Grinder Light

In my Projects page I have a description of a tool called Image Grinder wich I’m working on. Since I’m implementing it in C++ and wxWidgets it takes some time (I don’t think C++ is a very creative language – don’t know why I chose it realy). Today I switched mode of the camera to capture both Raw and JPEG’s for each photo, and when I was about to transfer the images to my PC I realized that I need a good “Image Grinder” to copy the images to their locations....

August 30, 2006 · 2 min · Emil Erlandsson

New Photos Uploaded to flickr

During my vacation I have re-organized my digital photo collection. That includes starting to use digiKam to organize them, and to show them. My latest batch were taken during my first visit to the United States in February 2005. I was there to attend the yearly Eclipse conference Eclipsecon.

August 29, 2006 · 1 min · Emil Erlandsson

New Photos on Flickr

I just uploaded a small batch of images from when I and a friend (Olle) visited Abisko in the northern parts of Sweden back in 2004. The early winter there caught us by surprise, so we had to cut the joureny short, but still managed to get some nice shots out of it. I also added some of my abstract and nature photos. In good time I hope to add more or less all my photos to flickr since they do not have a storage limit (even if there is a traffic limit of 2GB per month)....

August 25, 2006 · 1 min · Emil Erlandsson

New Project of Mine

I have acquired the domain where I soon will start a new web project. For four years now I have written articles for different paper magazines and now I think it is time to share these articles online too. The articles will be in Swedish only, and I will publish them when I get time to it (which will be soon since I’m on vacation ). First article I just now published my first article on buglix....

August 22, 2006 · 1 min · Emil Erlandsson

Gaim Plugin Development (in Ubuntu)

I recently remembered that Gaim has a nice Perl API for writing plugins (or actually I was rembembered by a friend). I decided to test it out by writing a plugin for displaying the current playing song in Rhythmbox in instant messages when the keyword ‘%rb’ is found (I know there is a plugin for that already, but I did not get that to work). The first step was to download the small source for the Perl API example from the Gaim site and try to get it to work....

May 19, 2006 · 3 min · Emil Erlandsson

BinOcular - Bits in Structure

I would like to take the oppertunity to talk a little about our latest project at Purple Scout. BinOcular - Tabs featureBinOcular is the response to an ever-growing need to browse different kinds of binary files, both modern well documented formats, as well as obscure legacy ones. When developing products, the developer is frequently faced with the problem to deal with binary files in some way or the other. The reasons for having to deal with binary data formats today are many, and could for example be viewing of scientific data files, looking into image formats for specific headers, “debugging” of the output from some tool or simply having to deal with legacy data formats....

March 22, 2006 · 2 min · Emil Erlandsson

Minor Eclipse Util Plugin

I have discovered that during development in Eclipse, you sometimes have to restart the workbench for various reasons. The “File->Switch workspace” feature is ok for that I guess, but sometimes when you are working with several different workspaces, the value in the switch workspace dialog is not in sync with what you are currently using – which will cause some unecessary delay. Since it is so little effort needed creating something that just restarts from the current workspace, I decided to create a plug-in for it and publish it for anyone who feel the need to be able to restart Eclipse swiftly....

February 28, 2006 · 1 min · Emil Erlandsson

Portage Update Checker

Here is a little script I once wrote to check if new updates exists in the Portage Tree (Gentoo). If so, it sends an e-mail to the owner of the script. Run it as a cron job and don’t forget to change user_address and smtpserver. #!/usr/bin/python # Copyright Emil Erlandsson 2005 import os,smtplib user_address = "receivers address" smtpserver = "some_smtp_server" if os.spawnvp(os.P_WAIT, "emerge", ["emerge", "sync"]) == 0: pipe = os....

February 27, 2006 · 1 min · Emil Erlandsson

Python Hacking Revisited

It is about a year since I last layed hands on Python, but recently my interest started to grow again. As a former Perl-hacker, I must say I really like Python in a lot of way. It has the same power as Perl, but with better structure and more readable syntax. Anyway… While coding some utility scripts on my Windows machine I found a need for searching the PATH environment variable after some executables....

July 13, 2005 · 1 min · Emil Erlandsson