The number of applications in Apple’s App Store has exploded during 2009 and it is getting harder and harder to find new stuff. Therefore I thought it was a good idea to share my favorite applications of 2009 (mostly based on the apps I have used the most).

As a Google Reader addict I have tried several iPhone apps for accessing my feeds while on the road. First I used the mobile version of Google Reader, simply browsing to the site in Safari. It didn’t map to the way I use reader though and later I stumbled upon Byline (native app) which was a step in the right direction. After that I started using NetNewsWire which also improved the reading experience. It wasn’t until I found Reeder that I can say I’m happy with the reading experience on the iPhone. There are only a few features that I miss (such as reading items shared by others, or recommended items). One of the apps I use most days except Mail and Phone.

Instapaper is a good complement to Google Reader and other news services allowing me to read some of the longer articles when I have the time. Besides my Sony Reader Touch (via Calibre), the iPhone app is the place were I read most of the content from

My Twitter usage goes up and down, but when I’m in the mood, I use Tweetie on the iPhone.

A good complement to Tweetie, allowing me to get notifications about direct messages or mentions.

Of all the camera apps I have tried, this is the only one I have kept. The various lenses and films you can buy in the application makes you want to experiment and try new things. For some examples, check “Paper Stuff” at my Posterous blog.

Ninjawords [iTunes direct link]
The controversy (via: Daring Fireball) around Ninjawords was actually the thing that got me to try it. As the web service ( it is a really fast way of looking up Wiktionary words.

In the summer of 09 I bought a Mac Mini and installed Plex. I didn’t want a complete keyboad and mouse setup, so instead I researched remote control solutions allowing me to remote control the Mini via my iPhone and WiFi (or BlueTooth). Even though it is a bit unstable from time to time, it is still my favorite way of controlling the Mini from the phone.

The TripIt App
Since I travel quite a lot, the TripIt app have saved me many times during sprints at airport trying to find out when the connecting flight departs.

While traveling it can be hard to find solitude and privacy to get some work done. Soundcurtain is a great cure, analyzing the environment sound volume via the mic and generates a sound to tune it out. I mostly use the rain mode.

Nike + iPod
Even though this is a built-in application I thought it was worth mentioning. If you have the Nike+ equipment it is a very nice way of keeping track of your exercise.

Top shelf
Previously named “Drinks”, Top shelf is my first stop for finding drink recipes and inspiration.

20 minute meals – Jamie Oliver
Another great stop for recipes. Nice inspiring photos and very clear instructions. I particularly like the shopping list feature.

Rat on a scooter XL [iTunes direct link]
Most addictive game of 2009. I have a high score of 140 and it starts to get hard beating it.

DoodleJump [iTunes direct link]
Second most addictive game of 2009. It does not have the same feeling of speed as Rat on a scooter, but it is still a good game. My highscore is 20.000-something.

Sydsvenskan [iTunes direct link]
My local newspaper. The app feels solid and always brings me the latest news. One of the better news outlets in Sweden.

MobilBlogg [iTunes direct link]
A friend and a colleague at Purple Scout, Tobias/tru have created a very nice client for the Swedish micro blog (requires account). Even though I don’t use that much, I thought it was worth mentioning since it is a very nice and solid application. It is released as open source.

Before this game I wasn’t that much into tower defense games, but it has all changed now.

Addicive fun, especially to play against another player via BlueTooth.